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We've made friends with some pretty great companies.
Please check out our education technology partners below!

Live-Streamed Video Conferencing

Watchitoo Inc.

Watchitoo provides outstanding multi-stream video conferencing technology. The company is based in New York City and has clients such as Yale, Pearson, and JP Morgan. Watchitoo provides the backbone of eProf's video conferencing infrastructure. Their interactive classrooms are particularly amazing because they are directly embeddable into any webpage. Check out their website here.

Online Course Sales


Fedora is a fantastic new tool for educators and small businesses looking to sell asynchronous online courses. Fedora lets you easily package up your existing educational content - you can even import your courses from Udemy! Built by a small, highly skilled team in New York City, we particularly like Fedora because it provides amazing analytics that are very helpful for educators who need help with sales and marketing of their courses. It is FREE to get started - create your free account by clicking here.

Tutoring & Test Prep


Prep101 is one of Canada's largest independent test prep companies, serving students at every major Canadian university. They specialize in undergrad test prep and MCAT prep. Check out their website here.

Business Advisory

MaRS EdTech Cluster

The MaRS Discovery District is an innovation hub located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Within MaRS, the EdTech Cluster consists of over 150 education technology companies, overseen by lead advisors Krista Jones, Joe Wilson, and Aron Solomon. If you are an education entrepreneur, you definitely want to get in touch with this innovative and influential organization. Check out their website here.


OneSmartWorld Inc.

OneSmartWorld is a human performance improvement organization. They help people and teams in business and education think better and work smarter. eProf and OneSmartWorld collaborate on consulting projects in the EdTech space. Check out their website here.

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